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Nancy Warner, MD - First Female Department Chair Still Vital to Keck School at 90 CLICK HERE


Nanette Gartrell, MD and Esther Rothblum, MD co-edited a special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies that was published entitled, "Leading Lesbians Fight Disease and Disability."  Please feel free to click on the topics/author to review the article(s).

Introduction: Leading Lesbians Fight Disease and Disability - Nanette Gartrell and Ester Rothblum

Grand Slam on Cancer - Martina Navratilova

Live Your Life Out Loud - Susan M. Love

Living "Anyway:" Stories of Access - Elana Dykewomon

Chemo Killed the Small-Talk Gene - Urvashi Vaid

Looking Outside the (Voice) Box - Laura S. Brown

Don't Let Your Disease Define You - Vivian Stephenson

Medical Muddle - Nanette Gartrell

Healthy Barbs: Activism Confronts Mortality - Barbara Brenner (as told by Suzanne Lampert)

Sclerostin Inhibiton for Osteoporosis - A New Approach as published in the New England Journal of Medicine January 30, 2014 by Dr. Carolyn B. Becker, an endocrinologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston.

Nanette Gartrell, MD, is the principal investigator of the USA National Longitudinal LNanette Gartrell, MDesbian Family Study (NLLFS)—the longest-running study ever conducted on American lesbian and gay families. Gartrell has been following a cohort of planned lesbian families in which the offspring were conceived by donor insemination. This ongoing study is now in its 26th year, with a retention rate of over 90%. For further information about the NLLFS, see www.nllfs.org.

Gartrell has written for the New York Times Magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Advocate. She is also the author of My Answer Is NO...if that’s okay with you: How Women Can Say NO with Confidence. (Simon & Schuster, 2008 & 2009). www.myanswerisno.com.

Susan Love, MD, Live a Little Crown with Alice Domar came out in Jan 2010. It takes on the health rules propagated in the media and was prompted by a talk I gave at the WIM conference in Asilomar. The fifth edition of Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book was also released in 2010. Meanwhile the Love/Avon Army of Women (www.armyofwomen.org) is a novel initiative to democratize research into the cause of breast cancer.


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